About Us

Admission Anytime is one of India's premier and most trusted platforms that has been helping students make the right career decision since 2019. Our approach is student centric and career driven. We take utmost pride in imparting strong, useful career mantras that open up a new range of career possibilities, after assessing a student's personality and potential. Our experts are well placed in different industries and what brings them together as a team of motivated professionals is their passion to help, educate, and make lives better.

We believe that every student deserves to be successful and happy. Our team of experts guide and encourage each student, and help them at every step of their journey to becoming an individual of value and worth. We are quite confident at what we deliver, elated to have created many success stories, and aim to improve every day, with each counselling session.

Our definition of a great counsellor (and that we adhere to) is that he/she should have sufficient knowledge and experience in their field of expertise, be mindful of the needs of the student, be able to transfer knowledge without losing its essence, have a friendly, more approachable personality, be absolutely impartial, and most importantly, send the concerned student in the best direction possible.

In addition to on-point counseling, our website is also a source of reliable and authentic information about the different college programs and updated list of courses. Our venture has signed over 157 MOU’s with top-rated national and international institutions that also provide 100+ programs.

Our Vision

Admission Anytime was initiated with a sincere vision of empowering young individuals into becoming world-class citizens. Our vision is to create a more inclusive world that operates on the axis of humanity and humility. In association with humanitarian values, we train our students to aim for, train for, and be the best. Our vision is the clear embodiment of what we have become today.

Our Mission

Our mission is in alignment with our vision. We aspire to bring out the best in students by expanding their knowledge, testing their skills, and guiding them better. Providing top-tier counseling to young, inexperienced candidates is our forte, and a work we take much pride in. We are also on a mission of empowering young talent originating from poor economic backgrounds. Giving everybody an equal opportunity to succeed is a noble act, and we spend countless hours into connecting remote areas and villages with our grid of experts, who are sure to benefit each student that wishes to connect with us.