Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you need expert advice?

We live in a time and place where there is a multitude of applicants for only a few job listings. What's even worse is that most applicants are uninterested in the job itself but want to earn money. We, unfortunately, have a situation like this today because in the past, no importance was given to career counseling. Career counseling by experienced counselors prevents this situation because it doesn't encourage rat-race, but helps you choose the best career path you can take, after assessing your strengths and weaknesses. In other words, expert advice multiplies your chances of becoming successful in life, and live happily.

Why choose us?

We are a dedicated team of professionals who are quite confident in what they deliver, and have a proven track record of changing the lives of many students who once were clueless, or extremely doubtful about their career paths, just like you are right now. Our counseling is not a one-way dialogue, but an entire process that ends only when you're satisfied and happy. Another reason to consider us over other websites is the amount of experience our highly trained experts bring in, and the high quality of their counseling.

How experienced are the experts?

We call them experts for a reason.. they have an in-depth knowledge about the industries they work in, are well experienced, and are selected by us only after clearing different rounds of tests and profiling.

Are there any hidden charges?

This is a prepaid service. The money in your e-wallet will determine the amount of time you'll have with the expert of your choosing. Don't forget to recharge now with only ₹1 and get ₹100 bonus in your wallet!

Will I be able to talk to my counselor multiple times?

Yes, you may. Our team makes sure you get all of your queries solved until you are fully satisfied. Talking to our experts more than once is welcome, and is encouraged. We're ready to clear all your doubts, anytime you call!

What is the charge for consultation?

There is no fixed amount for that. Each expert has a different rate per hour. The rates for each counselor is mentioned in their profiles. The first call is free! After that, charges apply. Remember to top-up your wallet to never run out of time with your chosen expert.

Will I be able to contact my counselor via video call?

No, not right now. We currently do not support the video call feature, but we're working on it for future. You may contact your expert via phone or chat. (Available in Hindi, English, Bengali)

Are the records of a session kept by my counselor?

Yes, the records are kept only to make your overall experience with us better. The records are used for future references, and will help the consultation process go smoothly.

Does the website have job openings?

No, we are not looking to hire new people at this moment. If it changes, official notification will be released.